Sunitinib used as a photosensitizer to induce cell death. Culutured human umbilical vein endothelial cells exposed for one hour to 10 microM sunitinib and exposed to UV light. The lysosome-sequestered sunitinib gets excitated, which causes the lysosomes to disrupt. This leads to leakage of sunitinib to the nucleus and cell death (Nowak-Sliwinska et al, Cell Death Dis. 12(6)e1641, 2015).
Inhibitors of angiogenesis induce inflammatory responses. Intravital microscopy assessment of leukocyte-vessel wall interactions in a tumor of a mouse treated with the angiogenesis inhibitor anginex (Dirkx et al. Cancer Res 63:2322-29, 2003; Dirkx et al. FASEB J. 20:621-30, 2006).